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iPad Pro Is The Future Of the Apple iPad

Apple iPad Repair Updates for 2016

It's all about the iPad Pro

We have lots to share from the March 2016 keynote at Apple headquarters in Cupertino - but if there is just one takeaway on the updates to the iPad lineup it is this: The Future Is All About the iPad Pro.

The big iPad Pro, which was first released in 2015, has been a bigger success for Apple than first expected. In particular, the device has sold well with consumers looking for an all-in-one tablet + computer hybrid. And since the profile of these users has high correlation with legacy Microsoft Windows users... Apple is seeing a lot of MS Windows to iOS conversions with this new device. They suspect the keyboard has a lot to do with this as the iPad Pro is the first iPad device to have a dockable keyboard from Apple and it's a hit with consumers.

So... what to do next? Release another iPad Pro! That's right , the iPad Pro has spawned a little brother in the iPad Pro 9.7 inch version. This form factor/size is equivalent to the iPad Air form factor that has been in the market for a few years. But the iPad Pro will pack in tons of processing power in the A9X chip as well as user features. That's essentially the same processor as the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, with a few tweaks to this iPad Engine making it a fit for the new device.

Apple is expecting another major iPad hit on their hands, and they could use it on their iPad lineup. Ever since sales peaked on the iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad Air lineup... the sales have been slipping for iPad. It seems that consumers have loved the product, but have not found a good reason to upgrade for a while. So the new super-powerful 9.7 inch iPad Pro is aimed at fixing that.

Included in the 9.7 inch iPad Pro are some features formerly only offered on the iPad Pro 10.9 inch. This includes amazing upgrades to the audio sound and these have been a long time coming. For all the visual and technological features on the iPad family, the sound quality has lacked and not been improved much for a long time. Apple has finally "heard the music" on this topic, and it seems we are getting massive improvements to the audio capabilities on the iPad Pro lineup. This mans 4 speaker audio sound that actually morphs and changes due to the positioning on the device as per the information provided by the gyroscope. How cool is that? The big idea here is that you do not need those portable bluetooth speakers as frequently if you are just needing a little high quality amplified sound. Nice for travel, right?

Another feature is a new less reflective glass technology, only available on the iPad Pro lineup. We all know it's hard to read on an iPad while outdoors and this feature hopes to improve on that. And for even more improvements to the imaging quality on the iPad Pro, we have a new retina display that utilizes an amazing new coupling of video features - called "Apple True Tone" and "Apple Night Shift" technologies. These breakthrough features will use two 4-channel ambient sensors to detect the brightness and color temperature of your surroundings to dynamically alter the background of the images on your iPad Pro. It's a more lifelike experience that embraces our humanistic emotional reactions to create more more pleasing and lifelike computing. It's subtle stuff... but likely to have major heath implications for the world's most popular consumer products.

But wait, there's more! The newest iPad Pro will feature some very impressive hardware add-ons like the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro. For those looking for a true crossover experience, the combination of these features will enable the most "computing like" experience ever for an Apple iPad device. And who said Apple will never make a keyboard for an iPad (hint... his name ended with Jobs... I guess he could not be right about everything!!)

The latest 9.7 inch iPad Pro is available to order immediately with delivery as soon as March 31, 2016. That means the factories in China have been cranked up quite a while making these for the world. It comes in 4 back housing anodized color schemes: Silver, Slate Grey, Rose Gold, and Gold.

iPad Pro has six introductory price points

There are six (6) introductory price points ranging from $599 to $1029 depending on features, memory capacity, and cellular wireless capabilities. All major USA wireless carries will support the LTE data capabilities with optional Data plan which is required. LTE is available in select markets and through select carriers. Speeds vary based on site conditions. For details on LTE support, Apple suggest visiting this site location:

There will be great iPad Pro Repair options in the marketplace soon. However, this iPad has a low repairability index according to sites like RepairZoom and iFixIt. So try not to drop of break your new iPad Pro too soon or you may have a hefty repair bill to face for any needed iPad repair.Expect very high demand for this model iPad. It's likely to sell out quickly and be a hot sleeper items from the iPad lineup. Early critical reviews are excellent. Combined with the pent-up demand in the marketplace, this could be the Apple story of 2016 that investors have been waiting for.

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