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New iPad for 2017 Quietly Launched by Apple

New iPad for 2017 Quietly Launched by Apple

Apple quietly soft-launched a new iPad in March 2017.  It's launched with a new iPad tag line - "Flat Out Fun" - and it's a terrific update to the iPad family of products.  By adding more power and features while substantially lowering the price of the iPad to just $349, it's a win win-win for iPad lovers and a great time to update and buy a new iPad for students schoolwork, business, or personal use.
New Apple iPad 2017
New iPad 2017

The brand new 9.7" iPad comes standard with a slew of amazing features:

  • First up, Apple has upgraded the iPad with the A9 chip to the iPad.  This processor is Apple-developed and also inside the latest iPhones.  The 64-bit A9 chip delivers performance that makes every app feel fast and fluid. Explore rich learning apps, play graphics-intensive games, or even use two apps at once. All while enjoying up to 10 hours of battery life.
  • You also get "iOS 10" - the most advanced, intuitive, and secure mobile operating system in the world. It’s so capable, you can work and play using two apps at once, ask Siri to send a message for you, and automatically back up your files with iCloud so you can access them anywhere. And it includes new upgraded and Apple designed built-in apps that help you get more out of the latest 2017 iPad.
  • Cameras are also newly upgraded sot that shooting photos and videos with iPad is easier than ever.  You just use the built in 8-megapixel camera to shoot high resolution images or 1080p HD video. You can even correct and edit them on your new iPad with Apple's Photos, iMovie, or a different photo/video app from the App Store.  The front-facing FaceTime camera works great for video calls and hot selfies and snapchats too!
  • This new iPad is simply amazing - and will be as repairable as the former iPad Air 2, which it replaces in the Apple iPad lineup.  Getting an iPad Repair will be easier than ever with this new product launch.

New iPad Feature and a Lower Price

And to make it even sweeter iPad lovers... the most powerful standard iPad ever made is being released at a low initial introduction price of just $349.99.  Seriously, a wow price!

So now the entire line-up of iPad Devices comes with Retina display screen.  That's from the iPad mini 4, to the new iPad, to the iPad Pro in 9.7" and 12.9" jumbo design!

New iPad lineup for 2017 features 4 models in 3 sizes

So whether you are a school district, corporation, or individual, this newest iPad is a marvel and is destined to be as popular as ever.  Just try to avoid cracking or breaking your new iPad, as iPad Screen Repair services are never fun and you don't want to be making a run to Apple or RepairZoom to fix your broken iPad screen anytime soon.

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